Full freight transportation – when the entire freight car is for one customer. Tilt trucks transport to 34 ep, and Refrigerated – up to 33 Ep.

Metal, wood, plastics, furniture, household appliances, construction materials, containers and others.

Partial freight Transportation – when a few freight of customers are transported by one freight car. It is a big advantage because your company does not need to fully complement a truck. Every week we collect freight and ensure safe and rapid delivery.

Thermal freight transportation – we offer for companies whose freight are sensitive to temperature fluctuations, or needs to be kept at a constant temperature regime. We will guarantee that the agreed conditions of thermal freight transportation will be fulfilled. Our company drivers watch and measure the temperature of the freight while loading and unloading, also constantly maintains the desired temperature in the refrigerator. You will always have the opportunity to get thermo gram indicating the temperature regime reefer freight during transit.

Fruit, vegetables, frozen / chilled meat, meat products, cheese, confectionery and others.